And chains excite me!

Seriously, It’s true, but probably not in the way you are thinking.  I’m talking about crochet (of course)!

I thought I would showcase a few of my WIPs (Works in Progress) today.

Dishcloths and wash cloths are super quick to work up.  I guess these don’t really count as a work in progress (since these are complete), but there are more in the process.

These lovelies are part of my Hexagon Afghan.  I plan to connect the hexagons with a light brown and border them in off-white.  Only 50 more hexagons to go!  At 1 or 2 a day, I hope I can get it done in time for the snow to fly.

This is my Dahlia Scarf.  (My helper seems to be enjoying this yarn, don’t you think?)  I named this scarf after an arrangement of flowers from my garden that inspired the color scheme.

The next project on my hook will be made of this beautiful yarn that I scored on my first (and certainly not my last) trip to Conversational Threads in Emmaus.

I hope you all enjoyed the peek at the latest projects on my hook. Stay tuned for a tutorial for this pink dishcloth. It is my first official personal design!

Have a great weekend all!



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