Dreams & Possibilities

Fall is always one of my favorite seasons.  I love the colors of the leaves, the cool mornings and the thought of cozying up with my family in the evenings.

This fall has been very pretty as far as colors go.  As I was driving to work this morning, the yellow, red and orange explosions of color on South Mountain were breathtaking.  I only wish I had the time to stop and take a few pictures.

Last week I helped chaperone my daughter’s school field trip to Hawk Mountain.  The drive through the country was wonderful and the views from Hawk Mountain were spectacular.  The kids have been studying raptors in Science class, so the chance to study them as they migrate south was a wonderful lesson for them.  Nothing sticks with a child like a hands-on lesson.  Unfortunately it was overcast most of the day (and 50 degrees…Brrr).  My pictures didn’t turn out as magnificent as it was to see in real life and my bum was numb with cold by the time we were done.  But it was worth it to see my daughter having fun with her friends and learning about raptors. 

We have also been spending some weekend mornings this season hunting.  Not for animals, but for a new home. 

Our current homestead is sweet and perfect  now that we have worked hard to make it just as we want it, but my husband and I would not mind having a few more acres so that we can further indulge our love of animals.  It began as a mutual dream of an older farmhouse that we could pour our creativity into restoring with a few more acres where we could raise alpaca.  And now we are starting to do the research to determine if our dream could become a reality.  We have looked at a few places, one in particular that we both loved, but we must first make sure that all of the angles are covered before we can take the plunge.  Not to mention, that though I won’t admit it to my husband, I sometimes feel a little tug at the heart strings when I look out the kitchen window and think that I may not have this view for much longer.  I know I will come to love the view at a new place, if it is to be, but I do love our little homestead on Hopewell.

So Meanwhile, at Hopewell, we have been snuggling up on the couches in the evenings with the furry ones. 

My dahlia scarf is slowly but surely getting longer, between my other projects on the hook for christmas.  Though I am sad to say that my hexagon blanket has taken a backseat these past weeks.  Now that the nights are colder, we have all agreed we really could use it, so it will be coming back out into the “Get ‘R Done” pile this weekend.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the wash cloth pattern.  I promise it will be my next post.

Until then, stay warm and snug!





And chains excite me!

Seriously, It’s true, but probably not in the way you are thinking.  I’m talking about crochet (of course)!

I thought I would showcase a few of my WIPs (Works in Progress) today.

Dishcloths and wash cloths are super quick to work up.  I guess these don’t really count as a work in progress (since these are complete), but there are more in the process.

These lovelies are part of my Hexagon Afghan.  I plan to connect the hexagons with a light brown and border them in off-white.  Only 50 more hexagons to go!  At 1 or 2 a day, I hope I can get it done in time for the snow to fly.

This is my Dahlia Scarf.  (My helper seems to be enjoying this yarn, don’t you think?)  I named this scarf after an arrangement of flowers from my garden that inspired the color scheme.

The next project on my hook will be made of this beautiful yarn that I scored on my first (and certainly not my last) trip to Conversational Threads in Emmaus.

I hope you all enjoyed the peek at the latest projects on my hook. Stay tuned for a tutorial for this pink dishcloth. It is my first official personal design!

Have a great weekend all!