Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

Wow, how time flies when the temperature outside is warm and inviting.

We’ve had a very busy spring and summer here at Hopewell Homestead and being a very naughty blogger, I haven’t kept you up to date on the happenings, but just to give you the general idea of our summer, I’ve put together a little picture show.

The garden really did well at the beginning of the summer.



I must have prepared zucchini in every way known to man and then I resorted to handing them out to everyone I knew.  We still ended up with more than we could handle…


We also had a boat load of tomatoes. 

We got smart this year and decided to use the turkey frier to cook down the tomato sauce.  It took two weekends to get it all cooked and canned, but we now have enough pasta sauce to last us until next spring.

In the early summer I baked quite a bit, but I just didn’t have the heart to include this beauty in one of my cherry pies….  I like to think that someone special upstairs was sending me a belated valentine.

Besides baking and gardening, I took up a new hobby this summer.  I taught myself how to crochet!

This was one of my first creations.  Who knew that You-Tube could be so educational!

It didn’t take long and now I really have the hang of it.  This is my latest creation using a really cool stitch called the Crocodile Stitch.

The texture is scale-like, and give this shawl an interesting effect.  It’s even cat approved!

Have you ever seen a cat sleep like this??  Silly Kitty!

Anyway, It wasn’t all work around the homestead.  We did have a wonderful week at the beach with our extended family.  Lots of parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins to hang out with in the waves.


But Summer doesn’t last forever and we are slowly slipping into fall here in Pennsylvania on the Hopewell Homestead.  The tops of the sugar maples down the road are starting to turn a blazing orange color and the corn is starting to turn the fields around Hopewell Homestead to a buttery brown color.  The cool air drifts in each evening, tempering the warm still left in the sunny afternoons.

Well, I hope you have all had a wonderful summer, full of fun and relaxation with plenty of time to soak up the warmth.

Check back in a day or so when I will post a little more about the latest project I have on my hook!

It’s nice to be back again in the land of blog!


The Hopewell Homesteader