Spring Fever

It’s been quite a while since I posted last.  My daughter and I have both been sick for the past week and I finally feel like we are on the mend. 

Because I’ve been stuck at home feeling bad, I’ve really got a case of cabin fever.  I’m longing for the warm spring days when I can go out in just a jacket and see all the daffodils in bloom.   Hence my latest little project.

I used Miss Mustard Seed’s inspiration for a centerpiece (found here), but added elements of spring like the tiny potted daffodils.  Then I decided instead of using faux eggs, I would try my hand at blowing and painting the real thing.   This is how it turned out…

First I needed to remove the yolk and whites from the eggs so that they would not go bad sitting out in my centerpiece.  I grabbed 3 eggs from my fridge, which just happen to be brown eggs because that is usually what I buy for my cooking, and a large sewing needle.  Then I gently pushed the needle into each end of the egg making a small hole.

I gently twirled the needle around the bottom hole to widen it just a tiny bit, then I pushed the pin into the hole a few times to break the yolk (gently shaking works well too.)

Then I puckered up and blew into the top hole.  This took quite a bit of blowing, but eventually I was able to blow the yolk and white out of the bottom hole.

Then I left the eggs to dry overnight. 

At this point, I tried them out in my centerpiece and they already look really nice, but I wanted a bit more color.

So the next day I decided to paint them using some acrylic paints and a few techniques I learned from a folk art painting book a while ago.  I decided to crackle one of the eggs in a bright blue and added a rooster image.  In this case, the egg did indeed come before the chicken (er…rooster)!

I left the other two eggs the natural brown color and then  added a daisy design to one and a rosette design to the other.

With a few feathers and a little ceramic bird, I rounded out the centerpiece.

I love the added color it brings to my dining room.  It makes it feel like spring really could be right around the corner! 

Here is to hoping for more warm days ahead!

Wendy Sue – The Hopewell Homesteader

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