An Antique Typecase Display

Two weekends ago, I stopped by one of my favorite estate sales and found this beautiful type case tray.  I immediately knew that it would become a new wall hanging to go with my new bedroom linens.  Unfortunately I kept putting the project off because I wanted to do it “just right”.  I’m not usually a perfectionist at all, but when I get that feeling about a particular project….then look out for some serious procrastination!

After two weeks though, I realized that my quest for perfection would lead to a bare wall for eons to come, so I pushed ahead with my best attempt at making it beautiful. 

And this is what I did….

I wanted it to have an antique feel to it, so I used an assortment of scrapbook paper that had a newsprint, some canvas/burlap material, pictures of my family members new and old, and some old buttons and other embellishments.   Oh…and my trusty glue gun came in handy of course.

I measured the cubbies to start….

Then I cut the scrapbook paper and material to fit a number of the cubbies…

I just hot glued the paper and material to the inside of the cubbies, but I did not fill them all because I wanted to leave some of the old wood exposed.

Next I printed out a few photos I had on my computer.  Some of the pictures are actually prints of an old photograph and some were newer, made to look older with Photoshop.

Then I used some scrapbook frame embellishments and added a few old buttons, some antique key replicas, and some blue beads to add a little color.  Like so….

Can you can guess how I’m related to the lady in the picture at the top right corner?

Can you tell who is getting married in the photo in the center…?

 and if you are REALLY a smartypants, guess how I’m related to the little boy with the tie in the top right corner of this picture!

After I was done decorating the front, I tacked some ribbon to the back to hang it with.

Here it is…ready to hang.

And here it is hung in its rightful place in my bedroom.

It was a super easy and quick.  And I think that it turned out beautiful….perfect or not.

What do you think?

Wendy Sue – The Hopewell Homesteader

BTW…come back tomorrow for the “I think I’m Turning Japanese” book nook redo.

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15 thoughts on “An Antique Typecase Display

  1. Wow I would be so happy to find one of those at an estate sale. I’ve seen people put in little picture hangers in each cubby to hang earrings and bracelets in it too! Isn’t that cute?
    Found you on thrifty wednesday. Great job!


  2. I have several of these type cases—one of which came from my grandfather’s print shop. I use them to display miniature items. Other than cleaning off the dust and grime, I have not modified them in any way. I’m a purist, I guess!


  3. Very clever. I like the idea of adding pictures. I love these old drawers.. I have a couple of them. Most of mine are filled with old printer letters — but I have a few blank spots. Hmm you have given me an idea. 🙂


  4. I love it! I see these old print type boxes all the time. I’ve been watching for something to do with one. I think I will try this too. We have been deemed keepers of ALL past family photos. I think this might be a really cool Christmas present for our family members with family pictures and momentos. Excellent idea!


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