Zoro Mayhem and Thrift Shop Finds

Earlier in the week I was forced to patch my sofa because my little dog, Zoro, decided to excavate the stuffing from the arm while we were out.  It was all fixed up and the room looked nice again, but I knew that it was too good to be true.

Sure enough…Zoro struck again!

Yep!  I just bought it this past weekend.  

Oh, and do you remember my new bedspread?

Pretty Huh?  Well he thought it needed a little something …….so he whizzed on it!! 

Honest to goodness, it was on the bed a few hours and he hopped up and took a whiz right in the middle of the bed.  When I realized what he did I think you could have seen the steam coming out of my ears!! 

What on earth could make such a cute little thing soooooo EVIL??

It’s just a darn good thing that he is so cute.  I just look at that little “who me??” face he makes and I can’t stay mad long.

That is until his next moment of mayhem……which could be any minute now…..

(BTW..while I downloaded the above pictures, he chewed a hole in my fluffy pink robe!)  Aaargh!

Though I spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning up after that mutt, I do, on occasion, get out of the house to do some thrift store shopping .  I thought I would give you all a peek at some of the things I found.

A blanket, a few books and some shadow-box frames…all for future projects I have in mind.

A night stand for my daughter’s room which will be refinished when we redecorate her room this spring.

And last but not least, a Mercury Electric Deluxe 1952 Model Sewing Machine…and it still works.  I just need to figure out the settings.

So, that is what is new here on the Hopewell Homestead.  I’ll be doing a Pottery Barn inspired accessory for a girls room tomorrow, so come check it out.

Over and out!

Wendy Sue – The Hopewell Homesteader


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