Display Your Jewelry With Style

I don’t know about you, but I have a LOT of jewelry.  In fact, I have so much jewelry that I have to keep it in a carrier with 4 trays.   The problem is that it’s not easily accessible.  Especially since I usually think about my jewelry choice at the last moment before I am running out the door in the morning.

If I were a more organized person I would determine what I planned to wear the night before, but I’m not.  Never have been, doubt I ever will be.  Even so, the state of my jewelry bag is such that it makes it difficult to even know what I have to plan with.

So here is my solution to the problem.  It’s a Jewelry Board.

It started out looking like this….

I found this cork board at Goodwill on Saturday.  It’s a huge board (24 inches x 36 inches) and someone (Becca apparently) wrote on it in paint marker.  Lovely isn’t it?

So I decided to cover it, and since I didn’t have any cloth of that size in my stash, I decided to go the “painter’s drop cloth” route.  It was the cheapest option at $6.99 for a giant piece of fabric that looked like canvas.

Next I cut it to size, leaving about 2 or 3 inches excess on all sides.

This is when I realized that it was really kind of wrinkled from being folded in the package and I was forced to actually iron it.

OK…that’s a little better.  There was still some wrinkle, but that came out later when I stretched it across the cork board.

Now I was ready to attach it to the board.  The first step was to make a cut at every corner on a diagonal like this….

(BTW…the method I used to finish the corners below is a variation on the idea that I saw here at Under The Table And Dreaming.)

Next I stapled the excess material onto the cork board, making sure to put just a little tension on all sides to make the fabric tight across the board.

My method for dealing with the corners went like so….

Now that the fabric was complete, I needed to add some color to it so that it wasn’t just a huge blank canvas.

Since I was still loving the stencil idea that I had used yesterday on my Monogram Frames, I swung on over to All Things Thrifty again, and browsed her stencil patterns.

I chose one of her wonderful patterns, printed it on 24×36 paper, and then cut it out.

Next I attached the stencil to the frame with some tape so that it wouldn’t move and I painted it in. 

I used two different colors (chocolate-brown and jungle green) to give it some color pop.  Once it was dry I removed the stencil and gave it a coat of clear spray finish.

Then I added the upholstery tacks for some extra interest, and the hangers to the back like so…

And this is what it looked like when it was finished…without the jewelry. 

Then I hung some of my jewelry to give you a feel for how it will look.  I just used some brass finish upholstery pins as push pins.

I have WAY WAY more jewelry than that, and I will put it all up once I get this baby hung in my closet.  It will be so convenient to be able to look at the options and grab a piece on the go.

Now I know my wonderful friend Chey (My favorite Premier Jeweler) will say that I shouldn’t keep my jewelry out because it could tarnish quicker, but I say, what is the use of beautiful jewelry if I never use it because it is in the bottom of a drawer in a tangle. 

So that is my idea for today, how do you like it? 

I promise to get my thrift store finds and the latest misadventure of Zoro up a little later, but now it’s time for the 9-5 gig.

Have a great day,

Wendy Sue – The Hopewell Homesteader

(BTW…if you like the jewelry you see here, I would be glad to hook you up with Chey if you drop me an e-mail.)

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