Framed Monograms With A French Feel

I’ve had a few different sets of initials in my life.  (And “a few” is not exaggerating…seriously.)  So for my latest project I decided to highlight my current set of initials.  This framed Monogram was the perfect fit for my pitifully empty headboard.  

I got some of my inspiration from All Things Thrifty.  She does a lot of projects involving stencils and she even has a page where she freely gives of her stencil patterns.  In fact, that is where I got the stencil pattern that I defaced in the process of making this beauty, so a big thanks to Brooke.  

So let’s jump right in.  These are most of the materials I used….

  1. 3 wooden frames that I found in the $1 bins at AC Moore a few years ago.  They don’t have a back or stand, but they were perfect for my purpose.
  2. Left over fabric from my dining room drapes.
  3. Scissors  / Pinking Sheers (optional)
  4. Acrylic paint in tan, white and dark brown.
  5. Paint brush / Stencil Brush (optional)
  6. Hot Glue gun
  7. 3 Bags of Tea (I used Good Earth Chai) and a bowl of water
  8. Staple Gun & Staples (optional)
  9. Stencil or Pattern & Xacto knife
  10. Sheet Music

The first thing I did was to paint my frames in a base color of tan.

As I waited for that to dry, I brewed a bit of tea.  I used a Good Earth Chai blend and it made the whole room smell wonderful and yummy.

No serioulsy…I’m not joking.  It has a purpose here beyond being my favorite beverage. 

Once it was relatively dark, I added the sheet music that I had cut to size with my pinking shears and I gave it a tea bath.

Oh BTW….the quotes for my tea were as follows…

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends.  You talk to your enemies.”  –  Moshe Dayan

“In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not the man to whom the idea first occurs.”  – Sir Francis Darwin

“The first and great commandment is: Don’t let them scare you.”  – Elmer Davis

OK….back to the regularly scheduled program.

I let the music steep awhile.  I didn’t want to make it very brown.  I just wanted to take away the bright white pristine look.

When the tan base on the frames was dry, I mixed up my white wash, which was a combination of mostly white paint, a tiny drop of the tan, and a dash of water to make it more like a wash.  Then I brushed it onto the frames.

Some of the tan came through the whitewash, but that’s ok.  Perfect is not a requirement for me.  I am a firm believer in the “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” movement….

While the white wash dried I cut out my stencil with an Xacto knife.  That was the most difficult part, and I was so engrossed in getting it done, that I forgot to take a picture of that process.  Sorry…but it’s pretty self explanatory.

Once the whitewash was dry (I used my hairdryer to move the process along), I painted the stencil onto the frame using the dark brown paint.

I used the same stencil on the top and bottom of each frame.  My paper stencil lasted long enough to finish the three frames, but next time I would probably make the stencil out of cardboard or a plastic folder.

Once the stencil was dry, I took a piece of sand paper and distressed the frames.

Then it was time to add the fabric to the back of the frames.  Like so….

I used a staple gun, which helped to hold the fabric tight across the frame, but you could use thumb tacks as well.

My frames were now ready for the sheet music and monogram letters.  Using Microsoft Powerpoint and my color printer, I printed the letters onto card stock I already had on hand and then cut them out with the pinking sheers as well.

Then I simply glued them into the middle of the fabric in each frame.

In order to make it stand on its own, I decided to use fabric to create a kind of hinge between the three frames.  I stapled the fabric like so….

Then I just checked it to be sure it could stand on its own.

Voila!!  My framed monogram with a french feel. 

This was a bit of work (and a bunch of waiting for things to dry), but it would make a great gift for a newborn child.

It would also be a great wedding shower gift.  A helpful reminder to the newly married woman who is still trying to remember to write the new last name when asked for her signature.  (Been there..done that a few times!)

So what do you think?  Doesn’t it look cute next to my new bedding?

Join me tomorrow for another “Mayhem…thy name is Zoro” story, some interesting thrift store finds and a beautiful, but easy and cheap wall hanging project.

At your service as always,

Wendy Sue – The Hopewell Homesteader

BTW…I’m partying with following this weekend:


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