Easy Fabric Flowers To Add Some Color

Because we are in the middle of a never-ending winter (or at least it seems that way), I decided to do a little something to brighten up my extremely blah winter attire.  You see I work in an office and my standard go-to color is black.  Even my outerwear is mostly black…   BORING!   I need a little color in my world!

So then the other day, I came upon this great idea at The Jones Design Company.  It’s a great site with lots of inspiring ideas and she has a whole section on tutorials.  See her flower tutorial here.

This was the perfect pop of color I was looking for!  Plus it was easy and had a very low-cost depending on what I could round up in my craft supplies.

So I got out my supplies….and this is what I had to use….

  1. Felt or whatever fabric you like
  2. Scissors and/ or pinking sheers
  3. Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  4. Buttons, Beads or whatever do-dads you want to use
  5. Pin backers and/or velcro
  6. Headband (optional)

Once I had my flower materials together, I realized I needed some kind of pattern, so I rummaged through my recyclables and found a cardboard box that would do the trick.  Then I used various circular items (whatever was handy) to make a few different designs.  I was also sure to make a few plain circles of varying size because they would be the base of my flowers.

Next I cut the patterns out of the cardboard.

Then I traced them onto the fabric.  (A felt tip pen or a fine tip sharpie works best.)

Next I cut them out being extra careful to stay inside the lines so that I did not have any pen marks on the pieces I was cutting out.

(Sorry about the lighting in that last picture.  White fabric on a white table…what was I thinking?)

I cut out my base circle and a LOT more of these petal shapes in the colors I planned to use.  Once I had everything cut out, it was time to fire up the glue gun.

I first put some glue on the inside of the fabric petal.  Like so….

Then I folded it up (VERY CAREFULLY…..that hot glue is HOT!).

Then I added some hot glue to the point of the fabric.

I then pressed it to my base circle of fabric for a few seconds.  I did this over and over going in circles around my fabric base.

Once I was happy with the amount of petals (puff), I added my accessories.  I used a black button for this flower.

I then decided how I intended to use the flower.  This flower was going to be a pin for my black coat, so I flipped it over and added a button pin.

And Viola!! I had some pizzazz for my coat!

I made another flower to spruce up my purse, but instead of using a pin which would mess up the leather (read: plastic that looks sorta like leather..pleather), I used velcro. 

My daughter made this cute little number! 

That girl is so creative.  I love the way she used the bright buttons for the center!

This would be perfect for carrying your lotion and towel down to the beach in style.  Ahhh…..I can hear the waves crashing now….and  I feel the sun beating down…

NOT!  Sorry…I was just doing a little wishful thinking there, but this is my current and rather unfortunate reality!  BLECH!

Anyway…back to my post…

This is how the velcro works…if you were wondering.

The velcro also works great with the headband.  This way I can change out the flower to match the outfit.

Now how easy is that?  There are so many ways to change up the designs to make them your own.  Give it a try.

I’d love to know how yours turn out!

The Hopewell Homesteader

BTW….my next project is a type case that I am dying to make into a wall hanging for my new bedroom decor!  Come check it out tomorrow.


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